Friday, 26 April 2013

UV Maps

So something different for a change, I thought I would share with you guys my UV layouts. This is a mixture of organic animal unwraps as well as hardware machinery parts. You can see the difference in how I construct my layouts. Organic unwrapping is very different to normal unwrapping and sometimes you have to waste space. I don't like doing this but the odd shapes you get, you can't help but waste a little. Unwrappign is something that you just learn to get better at and every time I do them I always try and optimize them to make sure I get the best texel density. I think there is one thing I don't do well which is allowing bleeding and so I can get some errors due to packing my maps a bit too tight, this is especially true for normal maps. These are most of my texture sheets for FMP but I'm sure I've missed out some by accident but I thought it would be a fun blog just to show the way I unwrap and pack my maps :).

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