Thursday, 6 December 2012

Layouts and New Horizons

 So I spent a few hours today just looking at a new concept I had in mind. What happens is late at night I have brainstorms and so a thrundling idea flew through my head and now i can't get it out. What I am thinking is doing a taxidermy factory, for this I have large scale in mind. And it means I get to do a lot of outside as well. So if this idea is to progress and grow then I need to think about what I want.

Originally I wanted 3 rooms, one weird shop area, one corridor of taxidermied heads and one room of cut up animals...etc. With this idea I would have to compromise and only do one medium size room of taxidermy stuff and the outside. I want to push myself in this project but I don't want to overwork myself into a failure. I want to see about playing with stylization, its always something I have wanted to do, and dishonoured is an awesome and  I can really see the building is that style. Okay so anywho here are the blockouts;

Obviously lots of colour because it wouldn't be me with out it. Want the area to be badly polluted from the factory, sluge gushing out of the pipes, the 18 chimneys pouring smoke into the atmosphere, dead trees and plants outside. You see the second image I played a bit with the building being tilted, I dunno if I like it, just thought I'd give it a go.

So aye what esle, oh you wanna see my failed whiteboxes? Of course you do;

Okay so plain plain then phalic...I was trying to do it futuristic then kindof failed at it lol.

I also have lots of pipes reference that is really awesome :D I think it would be a nice contrast if the building is all colourful and booming as it sucks the life out of the land...ethnical :D

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I did a couple of speedpaints today to practice painting fur and drawing animals. I kinda felt bad for not posting anything on here for ages so that's why. I might do another post soon, I think i'll work on a blockout for a while and post the results later on tonight :)