Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sketches & Layout Finds

Not much really to update just a couple of muck about  don't even ask about the first one. But seeing if i would be easy to stylize the scene. So yeah just experimenting, need to get some test sculpts on the go to test fur detailing. I am also working on a concept for the taxidermist house so it's easier to visualise.

Heavy rain is a massive inspiration for me, they did a similar DLC, the only problem i have with it was its too sparse and needs more quirkiness to it. Here's one of the concepts below, so epic :D

Heavy rain also did a beautiful concept of a room that has typewriters in it, in the game they changed the concept and i really don't know why. I love the layout and It is something I want to achieve for my level. Also I found this picture of a corridor which is just awesome, it's got a lovely atmosphere to it and would be perfect full of deer heads. So this is my main inspiration for the hallway area :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Brooke Weston

Thomas Monin & Polly Morgan


Claude Jones & Myeongbeom Kim


Afke Golsteijn & Floris Bakker

Nancy Fouts & Melissa Dixson

Okay so I guess I'm branching more into the small time taxidermists, I'm going to start putting two into one that way I reduce the number of blogs and since I have less pictures you get more for your money. Great so Nancy Fouts the first set of images is very traditional but with a slight twist, I really love the teeth purse and i so want one just to freak people out. The second set of images is Melissa Dixson which really focuses on cute taxidermy, she recreated Bambi and some awesome chinchilla things. And it is very subjective taxidermy, it is something that is wrong but so right and can be seen as cute or completely disturbing. I dunno I find that interesting and very intriguing to discover the boundary of what people find repulsive or enlightening. 


Personal Reference

So as for personal reference goes, in first and second year we went to the museum and the stuffed animals were there. Also on our way to Paris we stopped in at the National History Museum and I got more images there to. I'm trying to search taxidermists in the area but there is on a short bus ride away but i have no idea what his credentials are so i could be walking into a slaughter house for all I know. Anywho I know you like Personal Reference so here you go :D