Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pelts Galore

So a few days past and time to blog again. I've been doing a lot of unwrapping and texturing and i have lots more to do but it's a good start. So I've got the base textures for the factory component, I just need to add the details to it and again these don't have to be amazing as they are behind glass but they still have to be textured half decently.

I got some pelts on the go, this will really help break up the floor tiles and add a bit of life to the taxidermist. 

I textured the deer table and made a fur coat which is unwrapped and i'm testing a few fur textures on now. gonna texture the bear rug white like a polar bear to add a little bit of different than just the brown bear. you can also see the heads at the side there, I'm making my way through texturing them to add that little more variation to the level. 

I made the Les Deux Garcon four deers stuck together, this is unwrapped and ready for texturing. The shark is almost done need to try get my Ndo working again for the textures to pop a bit. I've started texturing on the lamp, lamb crow and fox as well so getting through that.

Going a while back to this cabinet but finally unwrapped it and slapped on a wood tileable, I was gonna do the wood mahogany but when I put it in level i didn't like it, it seems to stick out way too much an take your eye away from the key assets. I can change all this at a later date if I think mahogany will work better but at this point I think i'll stick with this pine type wood.

So this is where the level sits at the minute, the fog is a different colour i pelt rugged the floor up, proper pimping now. Adding in new asset and tomorrow i'll get back onto texturing all the stuff i need to do. None the less it is coming together if I keep the pace up I should be fine. Have to focus on the outside a little more as well and make it all pretty as I plan to have a presentation shot of that as well.

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