Sunday, 24 February 2013

Taxidermy or Taxi-no-worky?

Slow week due to being a moron but here's an update on what I've been doing. Updated the texture on the buffalo, looks better now and less dark which is always a good thing. Need to fix those seems though. Been doing a few tests with the sheep chair, the annoying thing is my Zbrush sculpt is now too stylized, so I'm going to do a detail normal map and maybe try and use that as my base and use my sculpt to overlay slighty to see if that works better.

Been Zbrushing my little deer, I love deer they are just too cute. And again being super emotive with my sculpts this one looks sad. I will make you feel for these poor animals.

This bluryness of mess is an update on the modular parts, new parts have been added as I make the scene in UDK. I find it's easier for me to trial and error things and learn from my mistakes. 

Started work on the inside as well, I think I'm going to work on the taxidermy showroom and outside building and make them polished and if I have time do the factory part. I really want to so I'm going have to beast myself. But I think its good to try and finish off these areas to a good standard and work my way down the level.

And finally contemplating night time because I'm a sucker for cool lighting :D

So yeah it doesn't seem too bad when I put it all in a blog post but I know myself I have been lazy this week, so I'm getting back on the bandwagon of work this week ready for presentation on friday :D

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