Friday, 8 February 2013

Buffalo Wings

So I need to get into that habbit I did for rooftop and blog everyday. Great evidence of what I'm working on and how fast or slow I am moving.

Okay so I did more blocking out today, it's all very boring stuff trying to work out stuffs. So getting there and understanding my texture sheets a bit. As you can see I added a floor and other things, I am going to block off the player because I have bucket loads to do as it is.

I also did test scales today to see how the level was coming on, I always find this useful as you can play the level and ammend things. And yeh in doing this I had the building way too big, Also come corridors where too small and walkway was too high. Basic things I can change now because of these tests I do :D

I also got bored of buildings and did the cutest buffalo in the world. I forgot to symmetry him in max but it's all the same for Zbrush. I'll take him into max, retopo and bake my normals from there. I just think it's a better method than Zbrush normal map function.

Also for the lol's I gave him furryness....yep that is all.

I should also state that I was working on my Zbrush for the sheep chair, found out the sheep head was too small, tried to fix it in zbrush without destroying the facial detail I had. Tried and failed at dynameshing and transposing it bigger and so gave up and I'll just make them bigger in max and do the Zbrush again. It's all a learning curve so I don't mind.

I plan to do this weekend is try out some Zbrush tileables to add height variation on the bricks and also do other tileables such as metal, grating, concrete...etc. Also hopefully get the buffalo head finished and make a start on Zbrushing the window brick detailsa

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