Friday, 15 February 2013

Weapons Artist?

 What I'm modelling a high poly gun? But why you say?

To make this bad boy of course, I love Peter Gronquist's work, It's so cool. So obviously high polying stuff takes a while so that's what I have been doing today. Used an actual gun reference because the image I have for the deer isn't enough resolution. So sweet I'll keep ya updated.

One thing though I have to change is this pattern. Okay so I love starting things, love modelling and sculpting and doing new stuff every day. I hate finishing things and so I hop around a lot, so I will have to focus myself or I'll just end up with lots of awesome cool stuff but none of it finished. So I will make it my task to actually finish some of the stuff I have been working on. Also I find it a good balance to switch between animals and buildings that way I can do something fun while doing something more tedious and time consuming. But yeah I just wanted to put that out there, that I understand what I'm doing and I have to change. This FMP could turn out amazing and soo cool, but it could be a disaster all depending on if I can manage all this stuff.

Sweet, hopefully I will have finished this high poly tomorrow and maybe did some more UDK stuff and maybe finish the buffalo head or the sheep chair that are waiting in the background as I fairy around.

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