Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's all about Modulation Modulation Modulation

So what have I been up to the last few days? Boring stuff...yup sorting through the modulated assets, unwrapping them, applying the correct smoothing groups, making some basic tileable diffuses. It's all essential but boring so it takes longer than other more interesting things.

I've got the low poly and unwrapped sheep done, most of my yesterday was rendering out the normal maps to find out they were crap and having to do them again. Still have to do another one tomorrow because I re-unwrapped it today as the texel density was off.

I also started my lamb crow in Zbrush, it's sooo cute and kindof like a Persian cat. Need to get some fluff on it and it might start looking like a lamb. Obviously i need to sculpt the crow and the feet and such but its a good start.

I did a few test textures for the buffalo, just testing how he'll turn out. I might make him brown though, don't think I like him this black. Not that I'm a buffalo racist or anything :O. Certainly something I'm enjoying is the animal sculpts, I want to be a character & creature artist later in my career when I'm more competent in making them. So it is something I will keep practicing and it's an interesting learning process because we don't do animals on the course.

Also got my boring stuff into UDK and started to build the building, again this is all going to be vertex painted to add variation and rust, dirt, increase normal map detail in areas...all to break up the repetition of the tileables.

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