Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sketches & Layout Finds

Not much really to update just a couple of muck about  don't even ask about the first one. But seeing if i would be easy to stylize the scene. So yeah just experimenting, need to get some test sculpts on the go to test fur detailing. I am also working on a concept for the taxidermist house so it's easier to visualise.

Heavy rain is a massive inspiration for me, they did a similar DLC, the only problem i have with it was its too sparse and needs more quirkiness to it. Here's one of the concepts below, so epic :D

Heavy rain also did a beautiful concept of a room that has typewriters in it, in the game they changed the concept and i really don't know why. I love the layout and It is something I want to achieve for my level. Also I found this picture of a corridor which is just awesome, it's got a lovely atmosphere to it and would be perfect full of deer heads. So this is my main inspiration for the hallway area :)

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