Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Initial Ideas

Back about a year and a half ago I thought i knew what i was going to do for my FMP. I am fascinated in dreams and I really wanted to do a dreamscape full of weird and wonderful things. I wanted to try and portray the artistic side of dreams and the random pattern of which they can change and appear. The new Devil May Cry shows something I would have loved to do, an interchangeable environment as you walk about it. So i had though about it and researched and got many images on weird artwork (that's what my last inspiration post on my other blog was about, showing some of the weird art that i loved http://pink-leprechaun.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/inspiration-part-2.html). But as I was trying to sift through them I came across a problem, there was so much I could do. The massive subject area allowed me to be very open and I found it hard to refine my grandeur ideas.

So yeah I have a passion for something else apparently and that's taxidermy. It's a subject area that gives me more freedom but I can focus better on it because it's more refined than dreamscape. There seems to be three different types of taxidermy;

1 - Normal Taxidermy
                     Not much to say about this one, this defines the regular taxidermy of your aunt getting her 14 year old dog stuffed because she thinks that's what he would've wanted.

2 - Rogue Taxidermy
                    This is the combining of animals to create new animals, alot of people like to do this to depict legends like  griffins etc...but other artists combine random animals because it's cool.

3 - Anthropomorphic Taxidermy
                  This is when the taxidermy animals and give them human like qualities, usually these are dynamic showing the animals playing cards, buying cheese..etc.

So I've been researching into this for a while I will post other blogs on the different taxidermists I have found. But for now I leave you with nightmares :D

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