Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nancy Fouts & Melissa Dixson

Okay so I guess I'm branching more into the small time taxidermists, I'm going to start putting two into one that way I reduce the number of blogs and since I have less pictures you get more for your money. Great so Nancy Fouts the first set of images is very traditional but with a slight twist, I really love the teeth purse and i so want one just to freak people out. The second set of images is Melissa Dixson which really focuses on cute taxidermy, she recreated Bambi and some awesome chinchilla things. And it is very subjective taxidermy, it is something that is wrong but so right and can be seen as cute or completely disturbing. I dunno I find that interesting and very intriguing to discover the boundary of what people find repulsive or enlightening. 


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