Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Information & Research

Okay so just a little thought on my plans for FMP and just some examples. I am going to do a blog on every artist I have...which currently stands at 22 and so my apologies there is going to be a lot of spam blogs for a while.

Anyway so Interesting story for you guys In the 1800's Taxidermy was quite big, lots of hunters and lots of competition especially in the train industry. So there was a train company that advertised saying Hey choose our trains because if you do, you can shoot buffalo. And so their ended up being a taxidermist devoted to just buffalo head. So how do I know this, well I came across a couple of amazing images and it is both amazing but horrifying.

The sheer scale of the bison pile is unbelievable, really kind of disturbing that so many animals can die for joy. But at the same time I find the image fascinating and  quite inspirational...convoluted mind is too indecisive. 

Anyway so below are some pictures of taxidermy studios, it seems with everyone there is always wallspace, I wasn't expecting that. So its something I want to combat during my FMP. So My thoughts right now is I want to do a show room that has the odd and weird taxidermy and then go into part of the house that has walls lined with normal taxidermy and I also want a workshop room with dead cut open corpses and stuff :D EPIC lol

Isn't she amazing, bless her cotton socks.

I love this image and it will be a big inspiration for a corridor in my level but just more packed hopefully

Alright so how is taxidermy done? Ahhh well to be honest I can't really tell you but I found some awesome pictures showing the progress. This seems to be the most standard way of taxidermy-ing...But what I do know is when you are skinning the animal it's a lot like unwrapping, you are trying to create as less seems as possible so you don't get any ugly scarring and you can have nice clean stitching, who knew by learning unwrapping I have learned how to pelt map skin from a dead carcass :D

 And I really need to wrap up this blog post and so he's a glimpse of what to come, this is a selection of images that I couldn't find the artist's names but still thought they were cool. It kind of gives you an insight to what different types of taxidermy there is and what all can be done with a dead animal.

Oh and one last thing, a cute story, below is a picture of a cow who was believed to be struck by lighting and survived so it has this awesome scar over it's body. It's so cute, i would love it forever if it was mine :D

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