Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What day is it?

Days pass and it all blurs into one huge hour. Time seems to fly by as its getting closer to deadline and some days I seem to do loads of work and others I seem to dander. But it's getting there, this week has been doing loads of things like speculars and normals I put off at the start of the project. So making my way through them baking down some last of the assets. I still have a lamppost to texture and still have to model some trees this week, also need to get some more dirt decals on the go and just keep playing with the lighting and composition of the scenes. The kismet is down and I have a particle effect for the steam inside the factory, I also have sound for the level that I downloaded from a royalty free website and I just need to edit that and put it in. I fixed the size of the character through kismet so its a good size now. I still have to fix some normal seems on the animals that seem to be occurring for some reason. I also painted a skydome while watching eurovision cause that's how I spend my days, well that and watching really bad films.  If I have time would be nice to model some more clutter for the floor, maybe some general taxidermy equipment and some books. Anywho here is the level at the minute;

Also the plaster on the walls is done so I can change the colour so here are some outlandish colour changes just because I love me some colour. Like I rearranged the room a little to make the shots a little more interesting. But yeah out of all these I like the yellow most surprisingly the yellow and orange are pretty cool, I think if I was for going for this I would change the lighting a little bit to support it better. 

Right so there is nothing too major that has to be done I just need to fix stuff, change a few things, model some things. All stuff that is doable in the time. I want a couple of days to just sit and tweak it so I will try get  it finished asap so I can do that. But you can never predict the days, yesterday I lost a days work and so I will have to do that again but shit happens and I'll tear on. Deadline is looming and it will feel good to get the project over with but for now I has shit to do so stop distracting me blog.

Peace out.

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