Monday, 18 March 2013

Assessment Time Again

I don't update as much as I use to which is annoying. Need to speed up a bit...well a lot, find myself getting distracted so need to knuckle down.

Transparency I love you when you work, it just takes effort is all.

Factory needs to look like a factory and I'm slowly piecing together, looking at it and coming back adding more things and i'll keep doing this. But I am getting cautious about the time so this is why I should blog post more often. 
Inside panels diffuse done, as stated make them lighter and stuff and I feel like there's gonna be a problem making the factory stuff fit with the taxidermy stuff. I think i'll have to add in some pelts here and there and more mechanical parts in the taxidermy showcase area.

Awesome taxidermy stuff but I need to reel these out, more and more animals and it will be cool.

More has to be outside so need to keep adding more elements to make it all come together.
So blog, how are you, I know I know, I need to work more I get it. But I'm gonna crit myself better than just  "I need to do more". So Texturing needs more work, need to get the vertex paining on the building started, the building inside need a floor and that will help make it instantly better. Also if I can produce and animal every 3 or 4 days with building stuff as well (pipes, vents, trees...etc.) You can get through a lot then and hopefully the building will get done quickly so you can do more animals.

Right so assessment tomorrow and I know what to do I just need to do it :D

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