Sunday, 2 June 2013

Early Morning Sketches & Video

End of project and with everything done I have resorted to sketching cause it's fun. I remembered how much I miss just sketching stuff and I have grown my love for animals and I think the sunbear will become my new mascot, just so damn cute. Why a pointless post? Because I with it

Here's the flythrough as well, trying to keep it 30 seconds as this is what Chris asked us to do, I even went over I don't want to think how fast some other peoples levels would have to be. Again I'll probably apologise a billion times, my laptop screen is different than all u monitors out there and so you are probably seeing a darker more saturated version so I do apologize if that's the case.

But with that I think I'm done, I have new screenshots for Chris, the textures are lowered, Heather's files are cleaned up for Monday. And I think all I have to do is write myself an evaluation on the bloggies about the project. Could be a long one. So yeh I'll get stuff on disc later after I have a kip and then it will only be a few hours until this bad boy is finally over :D

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